A Warm Thought…

“The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.” ~Thomas Jefferson

A warm thought is a powerful thing!  It can be a very different thing for everyone.  What is it to you?  I bet it will be completely different from what it is to me.  Will it be the same tomorrow, next week, next month, next year?  More than likely not.

Can you feel a when someone is thinking about you?  I think so. 

Over the past four months I have had some tough times.  I got fired from the job I had and worked so hard at for so long.  I got turned down for multiple jobs that I wanted.  My grandfather passed away.

Even through the first two months when I was basically at a low point, I could feel when people were thinking good thought about me.  I am not saying my situations changed, I just think that having the support of others, even if they were not with me physically, helped a lot.

So after this time, I still don’t have a job.  Am I still depressed?  No!  I still have my days where I am still not the happiest I can be, but I know that whether my friends and family are with me or not that they are thinking about me, and sending me warm thought.

I continuously am sending people my warm thoughts as well.  Can you feel them?  I am wishing the best for everyone that I know, and hope that the warm thoughts I am sending you can at least help your day get a tiny bit better!

Another way I am helping myself improve, is by sending myself warm thoughts.  Through the psi basic seminar, I learned how powerful meditation can be.  I am now meditation everyday.  During my short sessions, I am letting everything go.  I am only thinking about good things…my warm thoughts. 

I can go anywhere, I can be anything.  I can than realise that I can be anthing or do anything in my own life as well.  I am using my thoughts during meditation help me believe that I can do what ever it is I want.  To be the person that I want to be.

With the help of EVERYONES warm thoughts, we can all be better in every aspect of our lives.

Thanks for all your warm thoughts!  I am sending you some of mine as well!






About Jason Buckley

Just a regular guy trying to do HUGE things in life!
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