Excitement Builds…


Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” ~Bo Bennett

I am so looking forward to this coming week…

NOW, I am SO EXCITED about this coming week!

It will be a quick 7 days, and I have some much to get accomplished, yet the out come will be outstanding!

Things I need to accomplish before the big finale. I need to do laundry! Man I have been putting that off! I will continue to ride my bike every other day! I am sure it is helping me, but I don’t have a scale, so who knows.

I have to put many hours into my business plan. There is still so much to do, and I feel that I am already starting to fall behind on that goal. This will be the week for making up some production on that.

I will fire up the grill again, at least once! Maybe twice! I might even light a fire under my rear, and fire up the smoker! That may be good, as I will need to stay home all day, which might even help me with sitting down and working on the business plan, while having the french doors open with the smell of real BBQ coming through the screen!

Then on to the weekend. This will be the exciting part!

Saturday is my grandfathers 90th birthday party! I will get to see family that I have not seen in close to a decade, and just have a relaxing good time!

After the party, come home and pack!!! This is the most excitement! I have waited and anticipated for February 24th for a while now!

Sunday morning, February 24th, my ride is picking me up at 5am and taking me to the airport, to meet the group of about 80-100 strangers. We will be getting on the bus and going to a ranch in Lake County, CA for the advanced seminar PSI-7! I am so excited, and open to the many things that I will learn about myself and my life! This will help me become a better person professionally and personally.

I am ecstatic about this opportunity, and can not wait to be able to share with you some of the things that I experience, and how much my outlook of life is changing for the better!

Before I sign off, I do want to share a bit of excitement from a friend of mine this week! One of my best friends Jamie bought her first house! I am so excited for you Jamie, and I hope that this experience will provide you with many years great memories and enjoyment! I am proud of you!

What have been some of your recent or upcoming things that have made you excited? Post a response and let everyone know! I sure would like to share in your excitement with you!!!

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading!



About Jason Buckley

Just a regular guy trying to do HUGE things in life!
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