Blue and White

Blue and White

Copy Write 2006-2013 J. Buckley


July 2, 2008
Spent hours at the Berkeley arboretum for the once in a life time blooming of the flower of death!
This was one from that day.  I hope you like it!  There will be many more to come!

As much as possible in these photography posts, I will put the  camera used, shutter speed, aperture setting, and lens used.

I hope you enjoy the coming photography as much as I do!

Nikon D70 1/320 F/10


About Jason Buckley

Just a regular guy trying to do HUGE things in life!
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2 Responses to Blue and White

  1. Swati Shah says:

    That is beautiful!!!

    • Thank you Swati!

      Also, thanks to everyone that has come to view and like my photo today! You have helped make this my biggest day since I started 1.5 months ago!

      I guess my photography is better (or more interesting) than my writing!

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