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English: Disc golf in Yyteri. Suomi: Frisbeego...

English: Disc golf in Yyteri. Suomi: Frisbeegolfia Yyterissä auringonlaskun aikaan, taustalla näkyy Yyterin dyynejä ja merta. Kuvassa oleva tiiauspaikka sijaitsee Keisarinpankin päällä. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Golf is a good walk spoiled.” ~Mark Twain

Since the beginning of my adventure into a better me, I have tried new things.  This blog is one.  Giving up on looking for a job so that I can start my business is another.  I am stepping out of my norm, and trying things that make me vulnerable.  These things are making my body ache, and my brain perform in ways that it never has.

I have needed something to help me relax.  To make me get outside, and enjoy nature.  Great thing is what I have found will also help me to lose the weight that I am working on.

What is this you ask?

I have started playing disc golf.

You don’t know what this is.  It is just what it sounds like.  Think golf, but played with frisbees!  Over the last 2 weeks, I have been out and played three times on different courses in the bay area.

What an awesome sport this is!  I really don’t know why I didn’t begin this sooner!  It really helps me to unwind after days of working hard!  It is great to be out in the sun, hanging with friends, and just enjoying the day!

One difficult thing about it though, like most everything else that I have done in my life, I just jump straight in to learn as much as I can.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but now I am finding that I am being distracted in other points of my life.

When I should be working on the computer, I’ll pull up a page to research new disc’s, or to learn a different technique to help me throw farther or straighter!

I guess I just have to work that much harder on keeping myself disciplined during the times that I know I should be working on something else.

Well, here is to you!  Thank you again for coming to spend your time with you!

If you play disc golf and are in the SF Bay Area, leave me a comment, I would love to go throw a round with you!  If you are not in the Bay Area and play, still let me know!  I would love to hear your tips and technique idea’s, or even just to know what you throw with…there are so many discs, that it is hard for a beginner to know what to get


English: A number of assorted discs used in th...


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3 Responses to New Love

  1. Brandi Bischof says:

    Let’s go! You know I’m down, I’m not that good but its fun. Did you go to the coarse in Moraga yet? That one is pretty cool.

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