Infrared, Introduction (IR)

Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by and taking a look at these amazing photographs that I am sharing today!

This subject matter is on that I really love!  I am talking about Infrared photography.  This is another type, like HDR, that is more artsy.  I have never seen a “red” IR photo that was not being used for scientific reasons.  At minimum, the red is usually stripped for “black & white” look.

Nikon D70s f/18    1.3s    18mm Hoya RM72 IR filter

Nikon D70s
f/18 1.3s 18mm
Hoya RM72 IR filter

The trick to IR, there really is none!  I had a Hoya RM72 IR Filter that screwed on the end of some of my lenses.  This filter at first glance, was a black out filter.  Through closer inspection (holding it up to your eye, and looking directly at the sun), you could notice that it was just slightly see through, and the darkest red that you can imagine.

With IR, the only thing that you really need, is a good, steady, tripod, lots of lens cleaning cloths, and a bit of luck.  I mention the bit of luck, because you can spend a lot of time setting up a great shot, only to find out that sometime during the long exposure a piece of dust or a bug flew onto the lens and messed it all up!

This photograph to the right, is what it looks like unprocessed from the camera.  Notice the 1.3s exposure time.  This was probably one of the shortest exposure times that I have used for an IR.  This location was a touch shady, but basically in full direct sunlight.

Processed from original photograph

Processed from original photograph

Now, that “red” doesn’t look so bad does it?  No, not really.  There just isn’t too many people who would hang a red photograph on their wall.  So to the left is the same photo as above, but with minimal processing.

I am not going to ramble too much more, I will just get to the photo’s.  The amount of processing goes up as you scroll down, and even get into some incredible HDR IR that I had been experimenting with!

I hope you enjoy, and as always, feel free to leave a comment below!



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