Introduction of Myself

Hello! My name is Jason Buckley. I am 33 years old, and have just started down a new and exciting path of self-improvement. Let me tell you about what is happening, my goals, my success, and my failures since I have started this quest. Maybe it can help you to choose to improve yourself as well!
The First 33.5 years
I was born April 6, 1979. I have been fortunate in my life to be able to do and experience a lot of things. I grew up in Vallejo, CA, with my parents and one older sister. I was involved in many years of competition gymnastics, then got into music, owned a business when I was 20, got a degree (which I never used), owned a business when I was 20, got into photography, dabbled in silk-screening, and worked in some form of restaurants since I started working, but it was not until I was 23 when I decided to make restaurants my life and become a chef.
Over the years I have moved around, and worked at many GREAT restaurants. I finally found a company that I loved and stayed with them to become chef de cuisine/executive chef at 2 different restaurants.
1997-2003: Co-owner Back2Back Productions (event/music production/DJ)
2000: gained a degree in Audio Recording and Music Management at SAE, Sydney, Australia
2000-2003: Co-owner – Sticky Vinyl (record store/event management/promotions/DJ/Talent management)
2003-Present: Cook/Chef (Ruth’s Chris, AZ/The Little Nell, CO/Greystone, CA/Blackhawk Grille, CA/Napa Valley Grille, CA)
2011: “Best Appetizer in the East Bay” Peoples choice award, Diablo Magazine Event
2012: “Best Chocolate Dessert in the East Bay” Peoples choice award, JLOEB Event
2012: “Top 50 Chefs in the Bay Area” –
I thought I was a pretty good person (I was!), I thought I knew what I was doing with my life (I did, until I got let go from the company I worked so long and hard for), the I took the basic class from what a life changing seminar that was! I have a new outlook , passion and drive for myself.

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